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Helping you keep what’s yours; that is Harbor Financial Services' expertise.

HFS's founder has been providing offshore solutions to worldwide clientele for nearly a decade. As such, HFS has connections with offshore jurisdictions and institutions all over the planet, giving us the ability to choose from a wide range of options to best suit our client’s needs. HFS's founder has formed hundreds of offshore companies and trusts and opened hundreds of offshore bank and brokerage accounts worldwide, representing millions of dollars. Whatever the scenario, HFS has the knowledge, experience, expertise and know-how to tackle it.

Harbor Financial Services has extensive international connections.

These connections make it possible for HFS to offer clients the best products and services available in the best offshore locations around the world. Because HFS has so many options at its disposal, HFS can recommend the best jurisdictions and institutions to suit our client’s wants and needs. Below is a list of services and countries that HFS uses to establish offshore structures for clients.

  • International Business Companies - Belize, British Virgin Islands, The Seychelles, Nevis, Panama, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Shelf Companies - Belize, British Virgin Islands, Nevis, The Seychelles
  • Trusts - The Bahamas, Nevis, Belize
  • Offshore Bank Accounts - Antigua, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Nevis, Panama, Isle of Man, Switzerland, St. Vincent, The Seychelles, Belize, Hong Kong
  • Offshore Brokerage Accounts - Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Panama, Gibraltar
  • Offshore Addresses - The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands

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