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Secure, private and inflation proof: Holding gold and silver offshore is one of the best ways to safeguard and protect your savings.

The Advantages of Gold and Silver

Paper currencies, backed by nothing, are subject to inflationary pressures caused by deficit spending, un-checked government borrowing and legislative meddling. If the value of your home country's currency falls, your life's savings and investments could be wiped out instantly.

Precious metals such as gold and silver are the perfect hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. Gold and silver have maintained their purchasing power for centuries and will continue to do so for many centuries to come. Putting some of your savings, retirement nest egg or investments into gold and silver will protect you if your country's currency falls on hard times.

The Advantages of Holding Gold and Silver Offshore

Holding gold and silver offshore combines the best of both worlds: the protection from inflation that comes with owning gold and silver, combined with the privacy, asset protection, security and safety of offshore financial centers. Furthermore, holding gold and silver outside your home country (preferably within the safety of an offshore financial center) provides political diversification so that all of your eggs aren't in one political basket. If your home country has economic or political problems, you can rest assured knowing that you have assets that are safe and secure outside its borders.

How to Buy and Store Gold and Silver Offshore

Buying and storing precious metals offshore is simple and can be done remotely (you don't have to travel). HFS opens accounts at many offshore storage facilities that specialize in the purchase, sale, storage and shipment of precious metals. Information such as minimum balance requirements, available metals and storage fees can be found at our Services and Fees page

The metals will be stored offshore in safe, secure vaults. All of the storage facilities that HFS works with offer online account viewing of your holdings, values and balances so you will always know the value of your gold and silver in real time. If at any time you wish to sell your holdings, the storage company will sell your metals and wire the proceeds to you. Alternatively, the storage companies can have your metals

For maximum privacy, the account at the offshore storage facility should be opened in the name of an offshore company.This ensures that the precious metals will be held in the offshore company's name, not the client's personal name. This creates additional privacy.For a more detailed explanation of how using an offshore company increases privacy, visit Offshore 101.

Please Contact Us to discuss buying precious metals offshore, or order directly from our Services and Fees page.

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