Utilitzing Multiple Offshore
Jurisdictions Provides Superior
Protection and Privacy

Rock-Solid Security 

HFS's multi-jurisdictional approach to establishing offshore structures means one thing to clients: rock-solid security.

Our approach centers on the tried-and-true axiom: never put all your eggs in one basket. This is especially true when going offshore. When HFS establishes offshore structures, we recommend that clients avoid placing all of their "eggs" in a single offshore jurisdiction. Instead, we recommend that multiple offshore locations be used. The goal is to form a structure that, when put in place, makes a puzzle that is too difficult for any third party to put back together. In this manner, a client’s assets remain hidden from anyone who might like to find them. Furthermore, if a third party went to the point of trying to go offshore and take a client’s money away, they would face the impossible and incredibly expensive task of having to go from country to country looking for assets. Needless to say, very few creditors or litigants would even attempt this.  Most would simply give up.  And that ensures that a client's money stays where it belongs: in his or her own hands. 

A typical offshore structure that HFS establishes uses 3 to 5 (or more) offshore locations.

Here is an example of such a structure: An IBC is formed in Belize; its shares are owned by a trust in The Bahamas. The IBC’s mailing address is in St. Vincent. Its bank account is in St. Lucia or Switzerland and its brokerage account is in Gibraltar or The Cayman Islands. The use of 5 (or more) offshore jurisdictions makes a puzzle that is virtually impossible for any outside party to put together or obtain any information about, let alone litigate against.  And that is exactly the point.  Using multiple offshore jurisdictions protects a client's privacy and assets better than any other offshore strategy.  When HFS forms an offshore structure using numerous offshore countries, a client's assets will be as safe as they can be. 

HFS has the expertise, experience and international connections to put together such a structure for all clients. If you would like to have a plan custom tailored to your situation, please visit the Offshore Planning Center or Contact HFS with any questions.

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