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We take great pride in satisfying our clients and going above and beyond their expectations. Our commitment shows in the excellent reviews our clients have given us. We have also earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with no complaints. 

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Set up Offshore Package
100% April 18, 2024 by OffshorePackage

I purchased one of their offshore packages which included an offshore company, trust and accounts. Everything was done as they said it would be. They set up the offshore company and trust in about a week. the company was formed in Belize and the trust in the Bahamas. then they helped me open an account at Caye Bank in Belize and a trading account at Investors Europe. They helped with all of the paper work and both accounts got approved pretty quickly. All good! was very happy with the service.
Used them to stay in compliance for an offshore hedge fund
100% July 31, 2023 by SalingAwayOffshore

I'm an investor in an offshore hedge fund. Recently we were required to set up an offshore company to keep our account active. We used HFS and they did a very good job. Everything was very automated – especially for setting up a foreign company. We got Otto emails every time there was an update, they provided specific guides on how to get our personal documents prepared and the like. So it was all very helpful.
Just Plain & Simple: Excellent Know-How & Businesspeople
100% September 20, 2021 by LKPTDV

We decided with my partner, to set our business operation and banking through Harbor Financial and to our delight and complete satisfaction, one of the best decisions we ever made. Highly Recommended!!! They know what to do and are ready to give you advise and counsel and very assertive and to the point.
solid services
97% June 13, 2021 by OffshoreCryptos

My two partners and i hired them to set up some individual companies and then a fund - an incubator fund in the bvi. plus some banking. they did all of those things as they said they would. And there were no surprises like extra fees or expenses. Tamara in the St. Vincent office was very helpful with all the paperwork. Overall, very solid services.
Offshore Account and Corporation
100% January 20, 2021 by OilEngineer

Good work! Did a great job setting up my company and account offshore. walked me through everything and always responded promptly to questions.
Totally Professional Firm
100% August 16, 2020 by Frank

HFS was the solution to my offshore requirements. Sam and his assistants were always available to answer questions and to help with any detail of the operation. I can confirm that HFS complies with all the details as described in the website including reliability and professionalism. I have not hesitation to recommend this company.
IBC and Account Were Setup Quickly!
100% June 29, 2020 by Doorknob

They set up an offshore IBC in Belize and then a bank account to go with it. VERY good service. They helped with all the paperwork and everything went smoothly and it didn't take longer than what they originally said. Happy with the services.
Offshore Licensed Fund and Trusts

100% April 02, 2020 by Eric

My business partners and I chose HFS to help us set up a licensed offshore hedge fund in the BVI and also to set up personal offshore trusts for the principals. We actually were referred to them by afriend who used them to set up of offshore ibc's in the british virgin islands. All went well with the set up of the licensed fund and prime brokerage account and the trusts were set up expertly as well. So all went according to plan and they provided everything to us that they said they would so we were quite pleased. It's nice to work with a firm that tells you what to expect upfront and then simply does what they say there going to do and doesn't ask for extra fees or time or make excuses. As others have said they aren't necessarily the cheapest but you definitely get what you pay for. No complaints.
Off Shore companies and account set up was solid

99% February 06, 2020 by Fencemen
They set up a couple of off shore companies and accounts for me and my business partner. Smooth sailing all the way. They checked all of the names that we wanted in a bunch of different places and then we settled on where we wanted to go. Companies took about a week, maybe two to get all completed. Then they helped us open up a bank account for each company and one international trading account. There was a bit of paperwork to do but they helped us get all through it and even called us and we went over the bank questions on the phone and they wrote everything down that I said and sent me the completed form just to sign. So that made it very very easy for both me and my business partner. it was good working with them, especially Tamara who helped us alot and was really patient with all of our questions.
Set up offshore company and accounts
100% January 20, 2020 by Whitney

I contacted HFS to set up an offshore company in Belize and a bank and trading account to go with it. They gave me clear answers, explained the process and then did exactly as they promised. It was a good experience and i'm glad i chose them.
Fast set up of Cook Islands Trust
96% January 15, 2020 by ED67

They setup a Cook Islands trust for my partner and I. did a great job. helped us with all the paperwork and everything got done as promised and then they opened up a swiss account for the trust. this worked out really well for us and we are happy with the results. as others have mentioned they aren't necessarily the cheapest out there, but you definitely get what you pay for and they are very helpful.
Offshore Hedge Fund went very smoothly
100% January 15, 2020 by InvestorGuy

I engaged HFS to set up a licensed Hedge Fund in the BVI. They guided me through the incorporation process, applying for and obtaining the fund license, and then choosing the best bank and brokerage account providers. The process was handled professionally and they always responded to all of my numerous questions. And though I often pestered them with a million different scenarios, they were always polite and responded in a timely fashion. At the end of the day we got everything set up the hedge fund, the bank and the brokerage and we are also coordinating with them to potentially get the fund listed on an exchange in Europe. So everything went smoothly and they certainly earned the fees that were charged. I can't speak for any of their standard corporate procedures for retail clients. But with regards to setting up and putting into place everything needed for a hedge fund, I am and was extremely pleased with their services.
Great Experience!
100% October 24, 2019 by Hummer1

My business partners and I hired HFS to set up some offshore corporations and trusts and accounts to go with them. They handled the paperwork and everything and kept us informed at each step. Time frames were as promissed and they were helpful after everything was set up as well. No question that we are happy we went with them. Tamara was the main person we worked with and see knew her stuff, was helpful and always returned our calls and emails promptly.
Worth the price
100% August 12, 2019 by eddsoares

I have been using Harbor`s services for about a year now and I could not have asked for a better experience. They know what it needs to be done and it best way to do it. They`re extremely helpful, respectful, and well versed in the area. There were MANY other options, most of them cheaper, but all they do is give you an eBook and you have to venture out by yourself. Don`t fall for that! Get a company like Harbor Financial Services that know what they`re doing.
Ordered their rush package - all done as promised
100% January 11, 2019 by JParnish

I hired Harbor to set up one of their offshore packages for me – actually the rush package. They did a good job and everything was delivered within the time frames as advertised. They set up an offshore company for me, and offshore trust, and offshore investment account and also an offshore bank account. The process was simple and streamlined and I am extremely happy with the result. Thanks HFS!