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Offshore Banking

When an offshore bank account is established, the client may move his/her money into the account to safeguard it. The offshore bank account is opened in the name of the client’s IBC, not the client’s personal name. This protects the client’s identity because transactions carried out with the account (wire transfers, debit cards, etc.) are all in the IBC's name, not the client’s name.

FoAn offshore account that is opened in the name of an IBC must be signed on by an individual. The founder of the company (the client) may sign on the account and will remain in complete control of his/her money. The founder’s identity is kept confidential because of strict offshore secrecy laws. The secrecy laws insure that all banking or investing transactions will be kept completely confidential. Offshore banks issue private Visa/MasterCard debit cards that an account holder may use to withdraw funds from an ATM or to purchase goods and services directly.

Offshore Investing

The client may protect an existing portfolio by moving an existing investment account into an offshore brokerage account. Also, if the client does not have an existing investment account he/she may establish a new one offshore.

An offshore brokerage account is much like an offshore bank account, only it is used for investing, not banking. The brokerage account is opened in the name of the IBC thus protecting the client’s privacy. Any purchase or sale of stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, futures, forex, etc. is carried out in the name of the offshore brokerage on behalf of the IBC. The client’s personal name is never connected to any transaction. The client may sign on the brokerage account to maintain complete control. The client’s identity is kept confidential because of offshore secrecy laws

Through an offshore brokerage account, the client may invest privately in offshore funds as well as any market on the planet. The offshore brokerage account may be opened at a full service or online brokerage

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