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Offshore Planning Center 

Offshore Made Easy. Built by us, customized to you!

Built by us. HFS believes that going offshore should be simple and affordable. Because of this, we have taken our experience establishing offshore structures for clients from around the world and created the Complete Offshore Package. The Package contains all of the necessary building blocks of a complete offshore structure. No matter what the client's situation, the Package contains all of the items needed to regain privacy, protect assets or do business world wide.

Customized to you.  HFS recognizes that each client is unique. Accordingly, the Complete Offshore Package was created to be customizable to the needs of each client. And this is exactly what the Offshore Planning Center does: customize the Complete Offshore Package to the client's individual requirements. In the Offshore Planning Center you will be asked a few simple, multiple-choice questions. The Offshore Planning Center will then use your answers to tailor the Complete Offshore Package to your needs. When finished, the custom-tailored Package, which will include the price, may be saved to review later or purchased online.

No Contact information is required to access the Offshore Planning Center or to save a customized Package.

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